IoT technology for peace of mind in apartment buildings


“kit HOME ENTRANCE” is for the collective entrance of apartment building and single-family house. Using the system, residents can use their smartphone to unlock the entrance and respond to visitors. It offers a convenient and secure way of living.

Talk with visitors from outside using

The “kit HOME ENTRANCE” sends a notification to your smartphone if a visitor comes. You can respond and unlock the entrance from outside, ideal for dealing with sudden visitors and courier services. The kit ensures a smart and secure daily life.

Redelivery issue

The issue of "redelivery" has been highlighted in recent years. With “kit HOME ENTRANCE”, you can respond to delivery driver with your smartphone from a remote location while you are not at home. It brings convenience and satisfaction to the residents.

Security during a long-term absence

The crime rate of empty houses is 72%*. If nobody answers the door, intruders can easily guess there is no one in the room.

*The percentage of sneak thief damage in “Invasion theft to resident housing” (2017)

“kit HOME ENTRANCE” can resolve these cases

Entrance key that can be unlocked with a smartphone

You can respond to visitors with your smartphone from a remote location, in case they visit you while you are not home. You can also view history of the visitors.

Visitor comes

Visitor rings the chime at the entrance and a notification is sent to the resident's smartphone.


Resident presses the Answer button in the kit app and talks to the visitor while checking the camera image.

Unlock entrance door

After ensuring it is safe, the resident presses the Unlock button. The entrance door locks automatically after it is closed.

Unlock entrance
Voice response to entrance
Entrance camera

Stress-free for handling courier services

Residents can accept parcels from a remote location. Easily arrange re-delivery by talking with the driver. ※Some courier companies may not allow you to accept parcels if you are not at the address.

Unlock and lock entrance
Voice response through intercom
Intercom camera